The world's first crypto-powered marketplace

Mint your art. Choose your merch. Sell it worldwide.

11,500+ Holders

$220,000+ Market cap

Fair launch

revolutionising brand licensing and distribution

Our Thanos platform will provide end-to-end certification of your clothing and merchandising brand using NFT and blockchain technology.
Put simply, we give you back complete control over your brand.

Our fundamental tokenomics

Anti- rugpull. 100% ownership renounced by the original developer.

					1 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

3% holder distribution

7% Liquidity locked forever

50% tokens Burnt at launch 

Roadmap 2021

Q2 2021

  •  Launch on Pancakeswap
  • Burn 50% of the supply
  • Reach 2500+ Holders
  • Security Audit ✅
  • Litepaper V0.1 ✅
  • New branding ✅
  • Coin Market Cap application ✅
  • Coin Gecko application ✅
  • Airdrop  
  • Begin Marketing 

Q3 2021

  • Grow the team ✅
  • Reach 10,000+ Holders ✅
  • Raise funds 
  • Begin Giveaways
  • Coin Market Cap Listing
  • Coin Gecko Listing
  • Exchange Listings
  • Massive Marketing Campaign

Q4 2021

  • Reach 100,000+ Holders
  • Raise Funds
  • Donation to charity
  • Huge Airdrop
  • Massive competitions 
  • Top 10 Exchange Listing
  • Launch NFT and Merch store





Mint your personal NFTs

Create your own, certified NFTs or upload something you already own.

Develop your own, unique branded apparel

Pick your favourite merch and add your certified artwork.

Sell worldwide

Start selling YOUR brand throughout the globe.


How can I purchase Thanos?

A: Here are steps you can follow to get Thanos tokens in your TrustWallet quickly, easily, and with nearly ZERO fees.


-Download Trust Wallet app on your smartphone (Make sure it is the official one)


-Acquire BNB. You can either: [Buy BNB either directly through TrustWallet with your credit card] or [Buy BNB from for example (Binance.US if you're in US), then transfer the BNB from Binance to your TrustWallet app's BNB Deposit address]


-In the TrustWallet app, click into your BNB Balance, click "More", and then "Swap to Smart Chain" 


-Now you are ready to use a swap your Smart Chain BNB to acquire Thanos Tokens! Let's use the PancakeSwap dAPP.


-On TrustWallet, tap the "Browser" button (if you don't see the browser button, that's normal for iOS; just refer to to make it appear). Then search for PancakeSwap and, after making sure it is THE official PancakeSwap, click into it.


-Now you are browsing PancakeSwap within TrustWallet. Click 'Trade' on the left and then 'Exchange'. Keep BNB as one of the pairings, and then click "Select a currency" and enter in the Thanos contract address: 0x295F2122EbfCC5c38b4Bd33879A37348195b61fb


-You should see Thanos appear now in the second field. You are now ready to swap BNB for Thanos tokens! Set slippage to 5-6%, type the amount of Thanos you want, and confirm the swap. 


Helpful video: 

Why isn't Thanos on my home screen in trust wallet?

You need to track it as a token in your Wallet. Go to the Trust Wallet home screen, click the top-right 'Settings' icon, then enter in the Thanos token address again 0x295F2122EbfCC5c38b4Bd33879A37348195b61fb and toggle the tracker on for it. Now when you return to your Trust Wallet home screen, your Thanos balance will be visible!